Go go go go go!!

We sped off with the pack at full speed!! The craziest chase in a wildlife documentary  – we were in it!

But before I share our sighting of what it was like to to fly across almost 1 mile of open floodplain following a pack of wild dogs gunning it across thr huge open area, watching everything unfold before they bring down an unfortunate antelope, I need to first tell you how this sighting came about!

We were on a boat. A boat along the Chobe river, just enjoying peaceful nature at a very slow pace. It was hot! The sun was setting and at last there was a hint of reprieve from another scorcher of a day – it was finally starting to cool down a little. As we grounded the bend next to Puku Flats there were a number of vehicles parked across the open area and from our low point on the river we looked across at the huge numbers of animals around us – elephants, impala, giraffe and puku!

News just came in on the radio – there were wild dogs!! But we could not see them! We were lower than the long grass across the way so exciting news turned into a little bit of frustration. Suddenly taking in the beauty of the river was not the priority anymore – there was a pack of 15 wild dogs and our guests were keen to see them!

We warned them that there was a high chance of them running off before we got there. We had to take the electric boat back to camp and get into a car and race across to the area. My gosh though…an electric boat. What a great idea and they are fantastic. But when you have wild dogs to follow up on, well that was the most agonizing 20minutes of my safari career (almost!) – we got back into camp and luckily a car was already waiting for us!

We wasted no time passing 2 male lions on the way and made the loop around to Puku Flats.

The dogs were full though. They had killed in the morning but this was perfect because had they not been, they could have moved off before we got there as they often like to hunt around sunset. And as it turned out we watched all 15 healthy dogs play an incredible game of tag. The 8 adults were teaching the 7 pups some of the most important skills a pup could learn. The chased each other around in the long grass for a full hour catching one another – vital skills for later in life. The pups were so fast at about 5 months in age but they did loose their footing every now and then. I have a video of the behavior – it was comical but also such a treat.

Anyway…fast forward to 450am the new morning!

As we had left the pack at dark we knew that if we came at first light the next morning that there was a chance to catch them before the set out to more than likely hunt. They were positioned along…


If you are reading this I will continue tomorrow 😉 !!