The Okavango is flooding just to the south of Mombo! Flood readings at Rundu (along the Kavango river) are the highest in a few years!

Aeiral to the south of Mombo
This shot was taken over the weekend as we flew right over the middle of the Okavango from Vumbura to Mombo and across the south western edge of Chief’s Island and you could just see the water pumping through – especially along the Ngoga channel! It takes months for the flood waters to make their way across this huge wilderness area and as we flew over the eastern delta the flood plains were still dry.
Here, where this shot was taken fairly close to the Mombo area, it was incredible to witness this time of plenty as the waters attracted huge flocks of pelicans, storks and all kinds of other fish eating birds. The red lechwe antelope were bunching in the hundreds, elephants were clearly loving life and although we flew fast over the area you could get a great feel of the buzz and energy of the area with the arriving waters as we swerved to avoid fish eagles catching the rising thermals. It is hard to explain the beauty of this place now…I keep going on and on but it is just that amazing at the moment…can’t wait until the next flight over the area!