Wild Flower Wonder – Nieuwoudtville August 2018

There is currently one of the best wild flower displays in Nieuwoudtville in a long time. Perhaps its the best in a decade. Perhaps even since the late 90’s. With the good rains up on the plateau the area close to this quaint town has sprung into life and there is no better time to see it than now – over the next few days and possibly as long as for a week or two, this wonder of nature will be there for all of those who make the trip up to see them!

Please look at the images below and how to get there at the end. I will update this later or tomorrow.

Also remember to be at the flowers between 11-330pm as they are in full bloom during the peak of the day.

Image above: You don’t need a 4×4. Its easy to travel around!

Image above: Beetle Daisy with a Jewel Beetle coming to investigate. Note how the flower mimics having the presence of beetles on its petals.

Image above: A caterpillar finds sanctuary in a ‘Red Cup & Saucer’ (Colchicum coloratum)

Image above: Gazania rigida flowers


How to get there??

Nieuwoudtville is a fairly easy drive from Cape Town. There are currently some road works around Malmesbury as well as on the Olifants River bridge otherwise the trip should be completed in 4 hours.

Have a look at the map below. Once you get to Niewoudtville you can enquire at the town info for directions however this map should give you all you require. Head south on the dust road out of town to the Matjiesfontein Farm. The flowers are incredible here. Then the same can be said at Papkuilsfontein.

There are people at the farm houses and you can enquire about the flowers with them. Entrance fees are about R30-R50 per person. I will get more updates.

There are also some decent flowers around the Nieuwoudtville Wild Flower Reserve and surrounding areas. Also the waterfall is worth a visit.


Where to stay??

We often do this as a day trip. It is a long day but worth it. However there are accommodation options in the area. They are mostly full but even if you stay somewhere like Clanwilliam it will cut the drive from Cape Town or wherever you come from. Have a look at Vanrynsdorp or Calvinia.

Within Niewoudtville I have been staying at Hendrik van Zijl guest houses. Great, comfortable accommodation. Feel free to contact him through his Facebook