30 October is World Lemur Day!

Did you know there are well over 100 species of lemur? They are of course only found in Madagascar and are split into 7 families from the largest being the Indri to the smallest being the mouse lemurs of which there are many species. Unfortunately at least 17 species of lemur have gone extinct since man started inhabiting the island more than a thousand year back. All of those 17 species were larger than today’s largest extant lemur, and some were as large as gorillas! Today with habitat fragmentation and huge pressure on the wild areas, many species of lemurs that occupy small areas find themselves being critically endangered.

The 9th photo along is the most recognizable of the lemurs, Madagascar’s national animal – the ring-tailed lemur! I photographed all of these species in their natural habitat. Any one good enough to guess them all?

From top left they are as follows: Brown bamboo lemur; Grey bamboo lemur, Red-collared brown lemur; Indri; Brown mouse lemur; Goodman’s mouse lemur; Grey-brown mouse lemur; Ring-tailed lemur; black & white ruffed lemur; Southern woolly lemur;  diademed Sifaka; Verreaux’s Sifaka; Von der Decken’s Sifaka; Red-tailed sportive lemur; white-footed sportive lemur

A photo and sighting of the most elusive lemur, the Aye-aye still eludes me! With it’s ‘terrifying’ looks and elongated finger it has the unfortunate reputation for being associated with evil spirits.

Madagascar is truly special and when travel opens up, I highly recommend giving this place a visit…with 80% endemism there is no more exciting place to visit in the natural world!

If you want more information on the weird and wonderful creatures of Madagascar or want to book a trip there don’t hesitate to give us a shout!