From the middle of the Okavango and beyond this site brings you the latest bush news, photography and conservation issues while also focussing on day to day life in the bush!

With a combination of decades of bush passion and living and working in the bush, the authors of this site aim to immerse the reader in everything to do with the bush.

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Nic Proust

How it started

The concept of bush 24 came about on one quiet night spent out in the Okavango on the 14th March 2013. In fact it was not so quiet – there were 2 male lions roaring just across from camp and I was quite keen to drive out and try and find them. But, to be honest I did not know the camp that well and there were nerves of what might happen should I go on this mission through some hardcore terrain to find them in the dark – so, I rather excitedly lay in my ‘tent’ thinking about starting up a page where I could share information about the conservation issues that are important to me as well as share some of the many images I take while operating throughout these wild areas. I then thought ‘bush 24’…it seemed short and catchy and I liked it because it was similar to one of my favourite news websites so the name made sense. Just as I was developing ideas about what this page would further entail, I heard a surprising: ‘Nic!! Nic!!…are you awake?’ …one of the guides who had been stationed to look after the closed camp in which I was staying, had also heard the lions! I didn’t need more than a seconds thought before I was up and we were off to find them!


Predominantly based out of Botswana’s Okavango Delta, South Africa’s Greater Kruger National Park and beyond to the other wild areas of Africa, the authors of this website currently live and work in the bush and experience the lifestyle first hand.