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It’s a blog and a website and the aims are the same… it is all about the bush! It will always be about the bush and appreciating these most magnificent areas around the African continent!

Since I started guiding in 2006, I have switched up some of my roles in the industry before officially taking up a position as a conservation ecologist in Botswana’s Okavango delta. Those have been the best years of my life but today things have changed a bit. I have still got my base there and still focus on Botswana but have begun freelancing instead of holding down a single position like during my last full time job of 6 years. This is because I can achieve more and learn more and get a greater understanding of the conservation issues across Africa!

And for the last two years this role has allowed me to do what I love and tie it in with taking guests around this beautiful continent!

I have linked up with 3 agents (in order of length of time I have spent with them) – The Malcolm Ainscough Collection || Classic Escapes || Phil West Safaris – through these agents I have been able to host guests on safaris across the continent. This is not just guiding though, it is way more and guests coming to Africa will have a stay that immerses them in not just wildlife viewing but a greater understanding of the conservation issues, research projects and cultures and human history of this vast untamed land. After all one of the most important aspects of conservation is sharing knowledge and so the new angle of work ties in very well!

I am currently working on developing a more specific page about the work I do and will tie this in with the section ‘Safari with Nic !!’


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